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Wild Idy

Wild Idy Room Sprays - 4oz

Wild Idy Room Sprays - 4oz

Let Wild Idy bring some fun and sass to your space! Each room spray is carefully developed with essential oils to set the tone — whether it be Nag Champa for Pseudo Spiritual Meditation, Tobacco and Jasmine to channel your Bad Bitch, Cedar and Sage to ward off Fuck Boys, Vetiver and Leather to call in Fun Daddy vibes, Verbena and Patchouli for a Trippy Hippy Atmosphere, or Bergamot and Sandlewood to manifest your Witch Bitch. Plus, a whiff of Lavender and Honey makes sure even Basic Bitches can join in on the fun!

7 variations:

  • Psuedo Spiritual Meditation Mist - Nag Champa
  • Bad Bitch Aura Spray - Tobacco & Jasmine
  • Fuck Boy Repellent - Cedar & Sage
  • Fun Daddy Vibe Spray - Vetiver & Leather
  • Trippy Hippie Atmosphere Spray - Verbena & Patchouli
  • Witch Bitch Manifestation Spray - Bergamot & Sandalwood
  • Basic Bitch Room Spray - Lavender & Honey
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