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Talking Out of Turn

Large Puffy Busy Bee Bag

Large Puffy Busy Bee Bag

Gatherin flower large puffy busy bee by © elizabeth olwen

A delightful mix of wildflowers blooming abundantly in a magic meadow. If you’re in a field of wildflowers, this busy bee will come in handy for gathering them. And if you’re not, it will make you feel like you are! Whether traveling or running errands, this tarp pouch featuring a small gusset and a well-proportioned rectangular shape is designed to keep your essentials safe.

A fashionable but functional accessory that will surprise you with how well it fits so many of your things! and with this elizabeth olwen design, it is both chic and colorful! This product is made from recycled bottles!

Busy bee keeps 14 plastic bottles out of the landfill! Be sure to grab a key charm to keep your keys easy to grab inside! 

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