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Hot Dog! Reusable Dish Cloths (2-Pack)

Hot Dog! Reusable Dish Cloths (2-Pack)

Versatile, sustainable, and incredibly cute! These reusable dish cloths can soak up any mess time and time again. Whether you're cleaning dishes, countertops, or dusting the mirrors, just wet the cloth to make things shine! It even soaks up a spilled drink when used dry.

And if that wasn't enough, they don't hold any odors that would distract from any homemade cooking going on in the kitchen! Plus, the dish cloth is 100% biodegradable! When you're ready for a new one, just add the old cloth to the compost bin, and it will be gone in six weeks. These are an economical alternative to standard paper towels, and they typically last around six months with standard home use. 

Cleaning Instruction Options: Place in dishwasher on top rack. Throw in the washing machine. Microwave wet for 2 minutes to disinfect. Set of 2 cloths. Approximate Size: 6.75" x 7.75"

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